About Mia

Mia Khalifa is one of the best porn stars that ever joined, her rise to stardom was foreseen by many, over a course fo 2 years she became the most search porn star on multiple sites including pornhub,xvideos & xhamster. 

in early 2015 mia khalifa left the industry, but it didn’t stop her rise to fame, in the process Mia created a great platform for herself to boost in to more careers in front of the camera, to this day mia is still one of the most noticeable and searched porn stars in industry history.

Why miakhalifansfw.com was made

miakhalifansfw.com was made to pay full respect to the queen herself mia khalifa, and a way for all mia khalifa fans or on lookers to just be able to see everything she did while in the industry, this website is purely just to look at her nsfw side, this site will not bring in content she made outside of the industry 

Things to know about Mia Khalifa

Date of Birth

February 10, 1993

Birth place

Beirut, Lebanon


American, Lebanese

Debut & exit

Debut : October 2014

Left : early 2015