BJ Lessons w/ Mia Khalifa

Hey girls. Want to suck dick like Mia K? Fellas, want your girl to suck your dick like Mia K? Then this is the perfect video for you. Mia breaks her techniques down to four easy steps and shows you just how it’s done. When your girl implements these easy steps, she’ll have your dick blasting like old faithful. If only regular school was this fucking hot.

Here is Mia’s Body, hope you like it.

Mia is always in such a rush to have sex in her videos. So, she wanted to utilize a few minutes she had between classes to take the time to show off every inch of her body for you guys. Doing it in such a public place surprisingly turned Mia on a lot more than we expected it to. She ended up cumming really hard on the floor of the library at the thought of almost getting caught. Maybe next time We’ll make a video where Mia tries to get caught on purpose!