Art imitating life. – Mia Khalifa , julianna vega

Mia let us in on a fantasy she’s always had that went a little something like this: When her step-mom finds out she’s dating an American man, she just about loses her shit. Thankfully, Mia has a sweet conservative family that is level headed and reasonable. So naturally there’s competition to see who can please Mia’s boyfriend better to determine whether Mia could keep dating him or not. Totally normal fantasy, right? That’s our Mia! At first Mia was a little apprehensive about having a threesome in general let alone with her STEP MOM, but once started taboo seems like it could be Mia’s middle name. This threesome really awakened something in Mia with her telling us all her next video has to be another threesome. Getting to make Mia’s craziest fantasies come true may be part of the job but what a dream job! Now you get to enjoy it just like we did. Trust me, you’re welcome.

Black vs White, Mia’s Ultimate Dick Challenge.

Mia has a lot of friends back home who are fascinated with my sexual liberation in America. Although they can’t be as open as her, they are curious none the less. Mia wanted to make this video in particular for them to subside their incessant questions about American men (black and white in particular). Mia conducts a study for her friends that she shares with all of us. It’s equal parts informative for all of her girlfriends and hot for all us Mia fans. Mia said that although she has been with both races, she never took specific notes and really enjoyed getting up close and really appreciating both guys.