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Mia’s Porn Audition

People ask us all the time “how do i get into the industry?” The answer is simple: interview. It’s just like any other job in corporate america where you have to compete for the position and earn maintaining it. Just like any other job interview, Here is Mia’s audition for example. She went into it pretty nervous. Honestly, for a moment I didn’t think she would get it. It was supposed to be an anal scene and after many attempts at getting anything more than a finger in her ass, we had to give up and do it the old fashioned way. Sorry booty fans! No DP anal gang bangs for Mia Khalifa anytime soon. The blooper from this scene where we try to fit something, anything in my butt is floating around on the internet somewhere. Hopefully the deep web where no one sane enough to pay for porn can find it. For all intents and purposes, the audition went great and she got the job! Her timidness quickly went away and she felt right at home in front of the camera.