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Mia getting extra dick behind the scenes!

We’ve all been there before… still horny from sex and wanting more, but your partner is halfway to the closest taco joint on their way home while you’re left looking through your phone contacts for a gutonous second indulgence. Luckily for Mia she has Porn Stars at her beck and call, or should i say, at our beck and call for her. The sexiest part about all of this, was knowing that she had just gotten done shooting a scene with Sean when we called Jmac to come over. Sean had no idea what he was getting into with Mia and how much dick our Mia needs! Mia definitely for what she wanted in the end and so will you.

She’s a sucker for a QB

If you know Mia at all, you know that what she loves more than anything in the world is awardwinning star quarterbacks. Once Mia saw him hanging out with her ex-boyfriend, she knew that she had to have him. Even if he didn’t want it, but to Mia, “no” means “yes” and she knew he wanted it all along. She almost caught him at a bad time, he was on his way out to get some seafood on a five finger discount, but Mia was able to persuade him to hold off for a bit. Using her clam grip, it was worth the weeks of meticulous staking to find out his schedule. He’s a busy guy. She loved every second of it. It’s true what they say about football players, “Big talent, bigger scandal!”

She popped a fan’s cherry!!!

Sometimes you have to give back to the fans that give you the most. Mia had a fan that contacted her asking if she would help him lose his virginity. As strange as the request was, she thought she could genuinely help him gain some confidence and learn some tips for the next time he encounters a form of the female kind. Surprisingly, Mia enjoyed his air of innocence and naivety regarding sex, it was an experience she might be open to doing again, with another fan who truly needs the help.